I am all those sins

you have yet to commit…

The only way to rid yourself of temptation is to yield to it. While curiosity and desire spark intrigue, once your eyes fixate on my amatory gaze, you may be enraptured. 

I stay true to something of a gold standard. From my long, aurelian locks cascading down my back, to the softness of my skin, glistening as the candlelight hits it, to the halcyon, molasses-smooth timbre of my voice. 

My world is one of simple splendors: sipping absinthe with Bossa Nova playing faintly in the background. Leather-bound copies of Wilde and Nabokov. The feeling of fine silks brushing against my skin. Playfully stealing glances and drawing you closer. 

Beautiful things need not ask for attention, and the exotic have a mischievous way of allowing desire to reign over their kingdom. My spirit is one of depth and voracity, eager to share with you my pleasures and fervidly discover yours.

Come find me.

One Hour: 1200

90 Minutes: 1500

Two Hours: 1800

Three Hours: 2400

Four Hours: 3000

Six Hours: 3600

12 Hours: 4800

16 Hours: 6000

24 Hours: 7200


First, tell me a bit about yourself and how you would like to meet.

I require at least two references from companions who can attest to your upstanding and gentlemanly character. These references should come from ladies with a verifiable online presence, i.e., website and/or social media, whom you have seen within the past year. 

If you do not have companion references, you are welcome to complete the screening process by submitting your information for identity and employment verification below.

Will you require me to host you?

What is your preferred verification method?

Please note, I am represented in my professional companionship career by Court XXI— a leading management company based in London and New York.

While I design and produce my own content, I have assistance with my appointment scheduling, travel logistics, and industry marketing. Your inquiry will be handled by my assistant, Abigail, who will take care of arranging the details for our time together.